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ffmpeg test

Click on the link and save as or click open with and browse to your media player. In windows it will warn you that the extension is php. Click play anyway and it should stream.

If you download the file you might need to rename the file with the extension .mpg


Apache + SSL How to

This was a little messed up in Hardy.
The Ubuntu howto's I found in Ubuntu forums didn't work until I found this!

Dodge Gas Guarantee

I just saw an ad for Dodge's latest promotion, Dodge Gas Guarantee. If your sales are suffering because gas prices keep going up, build more gas efficient cars. You don't encourage people to waste more of a precious resource by guaranteeing a lower price. A part of me hopes gas prices go up to 10 dollars a gallon and they are forced to renig on their promise.

Kubuntu 8.04 Rocks

Kubuntu 8.04 Completely Rocks!!!

On my T60, it is almost like having a completely new laptop. Everything is so much faster, almost twice as fast. My wireless networks seems to be to be faster. All desktop actions, quanta, kontact, everything. I am also very impressed with all of the application updates. Kontact now allows placing the sig before the quoted message. The digiKam Gallery2 sync allows setting the caption to be the title or description now, and allows uploading by album or tag. Everything just seems to be working faster / better.

Posted new pics to gallery

I just posted new pics to album Family/Christmas 2007.

kdesvn kompare diff script

This is just a simple perl script that makes it easy to do svn diffs in kompare. Basically, just put it in your bin dir and then from your svn working dir you can just say svndiffr filename or svndiffr path/filename. The script will print out the svn log for the file and ask you for a revision. Enter the revision number you want to diff you working copy with and hit enter. Kompare will launch with the revision on the left and the working copy on the right so that changes are saved to the working copy.

kdesvn and kompare

My kdesvn and kompare now work together in perfect harmony ... Finally! kdesvn is a really great gui svn tool for KDE, but it doesn't play nice with kompare by default. Kompare is a really great gui diff app for kde.

The problem is that although kdesvn comes preconfigured to use kompare as an external diff tool, the default is to pass both revisions in as stadard input, so kompare doesn't know where to save the merge file when you are done. I have been living with this for a while now just using the command line, but it was really bugging me for a couple of reasons.

Boycott Apple

I am a BSD fan, although I primarily run Linux for my desktop. I have been considering moving to Mac because well, their hardware is sexy! I do resent their marketing, mostly because everything they do is a new idea even though it is usually 10 years old. Well, I could give many legitimate mostly geeky reasons why I dislike Apple, but I have really been considering getting a macbook pro. Well, not any more. Not ever.

Read this post to learn why

I hope it changes your mind too.
Be Free, Install Linux or FreeBSD

Best April Fools Joke Ever!

This is Awesome!

Check out this BBC April Fools Clip, it is hillarious and very well done.


Personally, I think it is better than the 1957 Spegetti Tree April Fools prank by the BBC
that wikipedia says is one of the best ever.