Autotune the news

This is hilarious, so I just had to post it.
The 404 has been talking about autotune quite a bit lately. Someone posted this to @the404 on twitter.

AT&T doesn't support the iPhone

I recently called AT&T support for help setting up my new iPhone 3G.
The AT&T menu system wouldn't recognize numbers entered via my iPhone dialer.
Initially the menu recited my mobile number and asked me to press 1 to verify it was correct. I pressed one and was then asked to enter my mobile number. After entering my mobile number I was asked to enter it again in an endless loop.

Google gets search wrong in Chrome

Does anyone else think that is funny that Firefox has way better search capabilities than that of Search engine giant Google's Chrome?

I am sure this will get fixed. Google does have some really nifty search features like hashmarks along the scrollbar allowing you to see all matches at a glance. This is similar to most diff and merge applications, but Chrome doesn't seem to be able to search in form fields. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

Ninja Cat

This cracked me up so much I just had to post it.

Gregs new Webcam

Greg was having so much fun playing with the face tracking software that he didn't tell me what kind of camera he just got, but while he was doing that I was taking snapshots.

Best April Fools Joke Ever!

This is Awesome!

Check out this BBC April Fools Clip, it is hillarious and very well done.


Personally, I think it is better than the 1957 Spegetti Tree April Fools prank by the BBC
that wikipedia says is one of the best ever.


Novell Launches Pro-Linux "Get a Mac" Spoofs

These are great!

I think the second one is the funniest. To get it, you have to understand that Linux lets you choose between many window managers. So, in Linux you can choose the look and feel of your desktop. You can also unload one window manager and load another without rebooting.

With Mac and Windows you don't have any options, you just get what you are given. Sure both Windows and Mac have highly configurable windows managers, but so does Linux. KDE is much more configurable than either, throw in Beryl (A 3d glx rendering layer) and there is no comparison!

So in short, I can install new window managers whenever I want in Linux. For windows, it is Vista for the next 6 years or so.