Flash now working in Chromium

Chromium on Linux finally has plugin support!

To enable plugins, just start chromium with --enable-pluggins

chromium-browser --enable-plugins

To get the latest version of Chromium, Debian based builds can simply add the proper repository

See for instructions on how to add chromium to add the repository.


Automate KDE with DCOP and PERL

One of the great things about KDE is that it makes heavy use of DCOP.

How To Restore Drupal from backup on a linux server

This is part 2 to the previous How To (how to backup drupal using linux)
If you followed the previous tutorial to create your backups, then this tutorial will allow you to quickly restore Drupal to the previous version.

How to backup and upgrade drupal to latest version on a linux server using ssh and simple shell commands

If you use Drupal you will be both pleasantly surprised and frustrated by the frequency of updates and security patches.

This How To will help you quickly backup and upgrade your Drupal installation via ssh and simple shell commands.
You must have ssh access to your server in order to follow this tutorial.

ffmpeg test

Click on the link and save as or click open with and browse to your media player. In windows it will warn you that the extension is php. Click play anyway and it should stream.

If you download the file you might need to rename the file with the extension .mpg