kdesvn and kompare

My kdesvn and kompare now work together in perfect harmony ... Finally! kdesvn is a really great gui svn tool for KDE, but it doesn't play nice with kompare by default. Kompare is a really great gui diff app for kde.

The problem is that although kdesvn comes preconfigured to use kompare as an external diff tool, the default is to pass both revisions in as stadard input, so kompare doesn't know where to save the merge file when you are done. I have been living with this for a while now just using the command line, but it was really bugging me for a couple of reasons.
1. The integration of kdesvn with kde is so tight, very much like tortoise-svn for windows.
2. Tortoise on windoze is slick, surely Linux can do the same.

Change the default external diff settings to:
kompare %1 %2

I guess it pays to RTFM every once in a while.

[G2:4824] [G2:4827]