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CVS list revisions

Most CVS gui's like Cervisia and Tortoise have this built in.
Doing this from a terminal is a little more difficult.
Unfortunately you have to check out the module before you can get information about it (really?)


mp3split is an awesome command line utility to split long audio files using silence detection.
It takes some playing around with to get used to all the options, but it is extremely powerful.

Gratitude DVD

Gratitude is an Inspiring DVD to help promote gratitude and happiness in your life. Using a combination of stunning imagery, audio and powerful text this DVD provides you with powerful affirmation to promote gratitude in your life. Gratitude is paramount to hapiness. With so much to be greatful for, everyone should be positive and happy, but instead we live in a world of negativity and Road Rage.
This DVD helps restore the balance by bringing positive thoughts of grattitude into your life.

Anolog is better than Digital for state type things!

There are times when analog is a better design choice than Digital. This is especially true for state type things such as selecting a mode on a universal remote.
Most universal remotes these days have a series of digital buttons across the top to select the state / mode such as:
(TV) (Cab/Sat) (VHS) (DVD)
The problem is, without a little LED telling you which state the remote is in, you can't tell by looking at the remote what state it is in and that LED would be a constant battery drain.
Compare that to a good old fashioned analog toggle or sliding switch.
|TV | Cab/Sat | VHS | DVD|

Gregs new Webcam

Greg was having so much fun playing with the face tracking software that he didn't tell me what kind of camera he just got, but while he was doing that I was taking snapshots.

Chimney Repair

I am currently repairing my chimney which was badly water damaged. I started this project when my Dad was visiting and it turned out to be a much larger project than we both anticipated.

Google Chrome

I just downloaded the Google chrome beta
I haven't played around too much with any of the advanced features, but Wow this thing is fast!

The first thing I noticed was that there is no search bar. The location bar serves as both the location and the search which is very nice, but doesn't allow for alternate search engines like like the standard search bar in FireFox. I imagine Google will add a similar drop down to the location bar to incorporate search plug-ins.

Nellie McKay

I recently discovered Nellie McKay from

Nellie McKay is hard to classify, but she is very talented and different - so thanks TED!

New Pics posted

Pics from Dad's 2008 Wa visit have been posted.

Google's New Custom Search Beta Tool

The new Custom Search tool from Google is Awesome. Now you can put a custom search on your site and not only have it search your own site, but as many other sites as you want. There are fine customization controls, and the possibillities are endless. For example, check out the custom L.A.M.P. search block in the top right. This custom search block took seconds to create and searches,,,, and I will add more to it in the future, but I am really impressed with the usefullness of this tool.