Nellie McKay

I recently discovered Nellie McKay from

Nellie McKay is hard to classify, but she is very talented and different - so thanks TED!

Nellie is a brilliant pianist, but she also plays the ukulele, recorder and probably several other instruments. Her style is Fusion Jazz mixed with theater, classical and wrap influences. It is really hard to describe and probably wrong to attempt to categorize. Listening to Nellie talk is almost as much fun as listening to her music. She has a great personality and sounds an awful lot like Judy Garland. I keep expecting her to say "and I think I will miss you most of all scarecrow".
Take a listen and let me know what you think.

You can download a complete live performance of Nellie McKay from NPR - Thanks NPR! - NPR Page - direct live concert download link

This concert is great, but it is long and I wanted to split it up into tracks which led me to mp3splt - Thanks Nellie
mp3splt is kinda hard to use, so read the manpage.
If you are on Linux, Here is the command I used which automatically splits the live performance into 50 tracks using silence detection.

mp3splt -d Nellie_McKay_ASC-Live -o Nellie+McKay+ASC-Live+@n -s -a -p min=2 -f Nellie_McKay_ASC-Live.mp3

-d is the directory to output the files to, and -f is the file to split.