Tar backup is not the pits

David and I discuss all kinds of stuff such as:

  • How to batch convert mac audio files to mp3
  • Computer viruses affecting humans
  • Robo target practice
  • Hulu and Boxee

  • my first garage band recording

    My first garage band recording - just for fun. I am going to move this to a different podcast once I set it up. I think a separate podcast for jam sessions makes sense.


    How to secure your wifi router using WPA.


    I should have probably named it tomato popcorn balls but oh well.
    David and I discuss lots of stuff. Windows virus tools, Linux, Tomato Firmware for Linksys routers and other stuff.

    Freeminds cat mp3

    David chimes in via Skype. Or more accuratly I spontaniously called David and he graciously agreed to be on the show.
    We talk about Netbooks, Dot, Java, Linux and several other topics.

    The audio quality is horrible due to Windows driver problems.

    Nobody is Listening

    Mostly just an audio test.

    Attack of the Drones

    You daily Digg News

    The Beginning

    Just messing around.