Sprint is Evo-Ill (Evil)

First let me just say that I love my Evo. The Evo is a great device!

As much as I want to love Sprint and believe that they actually do offer the fairest deals in wireless, the truth is that they are just as evil as AT&T and Verizon.

The problem, Sprint charges $10 extra for the Evo. Supposedly this is for 4g, but depending on who you talk to at Sprint you will get a different story.
This part I am actually ok with. Charge me $10 extra a month because I have a super fast phone and am likely to use more data. Even with the extra $10 fee
Sprints plans are still cheaper than the competition. The problem is that Sprint wants to charge me $30 a month extra to use the phones built in hotspot feature.

I am already paying for the data + an extra $10 a month because I have a fast phone. I already feel like I am being charged twice for the data usage because of my phone.
Now you want to charge me $30 extra. This is triple charging for the same service and should be illegal.

Sorry Sprint, I really wanted to like you, but you are pretending to be nice, and pretending to be fair when in reality you are stealing from your customers and treating them like idiots.

Let me put this into perspective. Trying to charge me extra for how I use my data is like Hoover coming to my house and wanting to charge me extra because I use my vacuum cleaner wrong.
Seriously, and pretending you are not only makes it more infuriating.

If you need to charge more for your data usage because you can't afford to offer unlimited data for what you pretend to offer it for fine, but do not pretend to sell me something and then charge me extra for how I use it.

How it should be
Unlimited Data Plan + Hotspot capable hardware = Wifi Hotspot

How it is on Sprint
Ulimited data plan + extra fee for umlimited data + extra fee for unintended data usage  = Wifi Hotspot

Luckily this is an Evo and Android. You can root your phone, install a better ROM and get around all of this non-sense.

I am seriously considering switching back to Verizon. Sure they charge me more, but tethering is free and they do not treat me like an idiot.