How to Create Debian .deb packages from Tar .tgz files in Linux

Please watch the video for the full tutorial. Basically all you have to do is this.

  1. sudo apt-get install checkinstall To install checkinstall which allows you to easily crate debian packages from tar files.
  2. Create your tar file so that you can extract it and everything will go to the proper place. For multiple files you can do this from the perspective of root.
    sudo tar cvfz example.tgz /usr/share/icons/myicon,png /usr/share/bin/myapp
    If you just want to extract files in a single directory you can just create your tar with the files in it and no paths and excter to the proper path.
  3. Run checkinstall and pass in the command to extract your tar file to the proper place.
    sudo checkinstall -D tar xvfz example.tgz -C /
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions

Simple as can be. I love checkinstall!

If you don't care how it was created, but just want it, I have attached the .deb files below.