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Technology saves the world

After you watch this video you are going to want one of these.
They are available from
Too bad they do not have an affiliate program :(

I would also love to see something like the OLPC Project where if you buy one they give one to someone in need.

Flash now working in Chromium

Chromium on Linux finally has plugin support!

To enable plugins, just start chromium with --enable-pluggins

chromium-browser --enable-plugins

To get the latest version of Chromium, Debian based builds can simply add the proper repository

See for instructions on how to add chromium to add the repository.


Automate KDE with DCOP and PERL

One of the great things about KDE is that it makes heavy use of DCOP.

The only Linux command you need to know

The only Linux command you need to know is apropos (pronounced app pro po) Yes, it rhymes.

Great News For Smokers

It wasn't all that long ago that smoking was completely socially acceptable. Back then you could smoke anywhere. Airplanes, buses, movie theaters and restaurants all encouraged their smoking patrons to light up. Slowly, As the harmful effects of second hand smoke became know, smokers started having to look for designated sections. First smoking was banned from public transportation and theaters. Some airports had designated smoking sections, plexi-glass rooms filled with smoke where you could feed your addiction before or after that long smoke free flight.

How To Restore Drupal from backup on a linux server

This is part 2 to the previous How To (how to backup drupal using linux)
If you followed the previous tutorial to create your backups, then this tutorial will allow you to quickly restore Drupal to the previous version.

How to backup and upgrade drupal to latest version on a linux server using ssh and simple shell commands

If you use Drupal you will be both pleasantly surprised and frustrated by the frequency of updates and security patches.

This How To will help you quickly backup and upgrade your Drupal installation via ssh and simple shell commands.
You must have ssh access to your server in order to follow this tutorial.

Autotune the news

This is hilarious, so I just had to post it.
The 404 has been talking about autotune quite a bit lately. Someone posted this to @the404 on twitter.

How to make a Screen cast in Linux

There are many ways to create ScreenCast in Linux. Basically all of your options break down into two categories console tools and gui tools.
I have played around with a lot of different methods and think I have found a solution that works really well.

If you have a really powerful system you can do everything via ffmpeg. Make sure you compile ffmpeg with the --enable-x11grab flag.
Once you have ffmpeg compiled properly you can capture, scale and encode your screencast using something like.

Chromium in Ubuntu

Finally, Chromium works in ubuntu!

Chromium has been available for Linux for a while now, but until recently opening chromium in Ubuntu resulted in a blank browser screen. I just recently updated chromium and at last, it works!

There is still a ways to go, but this is wonderful. Chrome is my favorite browser in Windows and I can't wait for the day Chromium is as functional in Linux as Chrome is in Windows.
It is important to make the distinction between the two. Chromium is an open source browser project and Chrome is Googles browser based on the Chromium project.