PC LinuxOS 2007 vs Ubuntu

I just had to blog about PCLinux Vs Ubuntu because I am sitting here re-installing Ubuntu Gutsy for the 5th time in the past few days. So far I am not that impressed with Gutsy to say the least, but I like being bleeding edge and fidgiting so it is a good fit. If you just want a simple linux system that works out of the box and is easy to admin get PC Linux. Seriously, I have installed many distros in the past month and PC Linux seems to get everything right out of the box. The default bash settings are great. The default 3d beryl settings are great. Almost everything you need is in the rpm repository and PCLinux uses synaptic and apt-get with their rpm based repository. To get a similar setup in ubuntu requires many hours of customization. Sure in the end you might have a bit faster system, but throw in all the time you spent customizing it and it probably is a wash.

What I do not like about Gutsy!
1. strigy works in PC Linux, but in kubuntu it freaks out konqueror's location bar.
accidentally type in a url without the protocal and strigi loads up after which you can't add the protocal because strigi keeps updating the location bar - I was fine with locate:
2. dolphin - Just give me konqueror please
3. Beryl / Compiz - By default PC Linux allows me to load or not load my glx desktop, in ubuntu I have to make a new profile, or use custom installers that usually just break the system.
4. The update scripts seem like they are written by microsoft. Trying to upgrade from the last RC to the finall release was a joke. Fetching updates - Fetching complete then Fetching file 1 of 2 - what, you just told me Fetching was complete - crash. Send error report - Crash. Thanks guys

Don't get me wrong, I like having the bleeding edge and don't mind spending hours customizing things, but seriously PC Linux gets a lot of stuff right out of the box. If you don't want to tweak, or are a windows user switching to linux get PC Linux. It is very stable and configured better out of the box than most ubuntu installations after months of tweaking.