How to backup your N800 in Linux

First you need to be able to login to your N800 as root. just install the openssh package and it will ask for new root pass you have to ssh root@localhost to get root on the N800 Now, from your linux box, lets say you want to backup your n800 to /backups/n800/ from a terminal type
mkdir backups/n800
now login to your n800 Make sure you are not connected to the n800 via USB
ssh root@n800ip
where n800ip is the ip address of your n800 I didn't have any luck with rsynch or scp because of looped symlinks so use the tar across network method
tar -cf - / | ssh regx@linuxboxip tar -xf - -C /backups/n800
If you get errors you might have to backup the directories one at a time
tar -cf - /usr | ssh regx@linuxboxip tar -xf - -C /backups/n800
to backup the user dir
tar -cf - /home | ssh regx@linuxboxip tar -xf - -C /backups/n800
for the home dir ...etc