How to create a Rubber Stamp Effect using Gimp


This is a simple tutorial on how to create a ruber stamp effect like
the one pictured below in Gimp.

Step One:
Select the text tool and create some text.
A bold font generally works best for creating a stamp effect.


Step Two:
Create a new layer with a transparent background.
Select the new Layer.
Select the box selection tool (highlighted in the tool pallet in the image), check the rounded
corners option and draw a box selection around the text. Then click Edit/Stroke to stroke the box selection.
I used a 6 picel stroke.

Step 3:
With the box layer still selected, click filters/noise/slur.
Here I used a repeat of 3.

Step 4:
Select Filters/Artistic/Oilify
You will want to play with the settings a bit to get a nice blurred effect.

Step 5:
Select the text layer and repeat steps 3 and 4 for the text.

Step 6:
Lock the text and stamp border layers and rotate.
Here I also applied the coffee stain effect.

Thats it, simple sweet rubber stamps in Gimp.

Note: You could also hide the background layer and merge visible layers to apply the effects to both layers at once. The thickness of the text vs border will produce different effects, so I find it best to apply the slur and oilify effects to the layers seperately. This is especially true if you have different sized text in the stamp. In the final image here I applied a slight blur to the stamp border so it more closely matched the text.

(Thanks to everyone who comments)

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Note to the site owner: Get some spam control. The comment spam is painful.

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thanks a lot

I learned here from you and created a stamp. It looks like real stamp :) thanks again :)

Nice tutorial! Thanks a lot!

Nice tutorial!
Thanks a lot!

Thank you

It even worked !

Just made a "DEMO" stamp, it

Just made a "DEMO" stamp, it looks so nice! Thanks!


easy to follow and perfect result... thanks!


Great article, it works like a charm.

yas this is very fine

Super it works thanks


Good work.i wish you success.thanx avşa oteller



can u show me the procedure of creating semi-transparent images


can u show me the procedure of creating semi-transparent images with transparent background bu using Gimp.

For example i need semi-transparent images for the following words.
1) Excellent
2) Great job.

The above mentioned words should be in semi-transparent and the back ground should be transparent.
The layer width should be 150 and height 63 and color of the words should be green.
please help me out.


Have you already figured

Have you already figured this out?
If not I could do a tutorial.

Very cool

What a great tutorial. Now I can throw out those messy stamp pads!

Nice rubber stamp!

Thank you very much, I was just looking for this kind of tutorial :) Brilliant!


very nice article thank you very much....Medyum


thanks! this was the first gimp tutorial I think that ever worked!

you can see the logo at site

thank ou!



good !!

thank you very much !!


very nice article thank you very much.... evden eve

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